26-28 June 2013, Barnaul
The XXIII Conference of numerical methods of elasticity and plasticity problems

Gavrilov A.A.   Grebenuk G.  

Calculation of shapes and natural frequencies of thin-walled continuous beam on the basis of the numerical algorithm

Reporter: Gavrilov A.A.

Investigated the continuous beam with a cross section in the form of a thin-profile, which has areas with both closed and open loop. Calculations of the stress-strain state of the beam under static loading by calculating the present theory of thin-walled, given to secondary changes.
In the study of free vibrations of the beam was obtained waveforms and frequency equation in the form of a three-moment equations and three-bimoment. The effect of the beam characteristics - material and section - on the values of natural frequencies.
A comparison with the results of thin-walled without constraint warping sections showed that the inclusion of secondary changes can significantly clarify the magnitude of internal forces and frequencies of free vibrations of the beam. As a result of the recommendations on the calculation of continuous beams of thin-walled profile with the secondary shifts.

Abstracts file: Гаврилов Гребенюк Расширенные тезисы конф ИТПМ- 2013 Барнаул.doc

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