26-28 June 2013, Barnaul
The XXIII Conference of numerical methods of elasticity and plasticity problems

Babichev A.   Korobeinikov S.   Polyansky O.   Reverdatto V.  

Computer modeling of rocks folding

Reporter: Babichev A.

The mathematical modeling of compression of the layered environment which consists of a set of layers with different rheological and mechanical properties is carried out. Modeling is based on the numerical calculation by a final elements method of the equations of solid mechanics with MSC.Marc software package. The updated Lagrangian formulation of the equations allowing large strain of the inelastic media was used.
In calculations the model of an ideal elasto-plastic material with a yield surface of Huber – Mises was used. Calculations show that folds are formed at the relation of yield stresses of layers and media not less than 50. It is shown that in the constrained conditions of deformation the sunduchny fold can be formed in rather narrow range of change of the relation of yield stress of a layer and media from 50 to 100.

Abstracts file: Babichev_epps2013_thesis.docx

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