26-28 June 2013, Barnaul
The XXIII Conference of numerical methods of elasticity and plasticity problems

Krivosheina M.   Tuch H.V.   Конышева И.Ю.   Kozlova M.A.  

Modeling of cratering in anisotropic targets

Reporter: Krivosheina M.

A numerical simulation of the destruction of targets transtropic aluminum alloy 2024 with its loading by cylindrical steel projectiles. The calculations are performed in the three-dimensional setting using the model in the continuum mechanics. Take into account the anisotropy of elastic, plastic and strength properties of the target material. Calculations were carried out by finite element method using the original software. It is shown that in the targets, made of anisotropic materials, the shape of the crater has an ellipsoidal shape with their normal loading projectiles from the rotationally symmetric isotropic materials.

Abstracts file: Krivosheina_2.docx

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