26-28 June 2013, Barnaul
The XXIII Conference of numerical methods of elasticity and plasticity problems

Gerasimov A.V.  

Numerical simulation of high-velocity interaction of projectiles with a finite thickness barriers: ricochet, penetration, perforation

Creating a reliable protective devices of various objects requires knowledge of the processes occurring during shock loading devices in different configurations, design features and using different materials. It is not less important impact velocity and angle strikers approach to the obstacle. This paper deals with theoretical and experimental study of the interaction of high-speed compact and elongated projectiles with targets of finite thickness. The cases of a rebound, penetration and penetration barriers at various speeds and angles of impact.

Abstracts file: Герасимов Плен 2013.doc
Full text file: Герасимов Статья 2014Н.doc

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