26-28 June 2013, Barnaul
The XXIII Conference of numerical methods of elasticity and plasticity problems

Nikonov A.Y.   Dmitriev A.I.   Psakhie S.  

Molecular dynamics study of the influence of temperature on the dynamics of the grain boundary under shear

Reporter: Nikonov A.Y.

Molecular dynamics simulation of behavior of grain boundaries in bicrystal of copper under shear loading were carried out. The influence of temperature of the sample on the behavior the grain boundaries was studied. The stability of discovered earlier effect of moving boundaries in a direction perpendicular to the applied loading was analysed. It was found that with increasing of temperature, the rate of such movement of the boundary decreases. A similar effect was also found for other pure FCC metals (Ni, Al, Ag). Significant decrease in the grain boundary displacement in the samples with the temperature in the range from 0.45 to 0.7 times the melting point was found. These results can help to understand the features of development of plastic deformation in polycrystals under shear loading.

Abstracts file: Никонов.docx

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