26-28 June 2013, Barnaul
The XXIII Conference of numerical methods of elasticity and plasticity problems

Kosykh V.P.   Bobriakov A.P.  

Experimental investigation of granular medium flow under moving of support wall and displacement of rough plate

Reporter: Kosykh V.P.

On the basis of plane model the granular medium flow behind rotating support wall has been experimentally investigated. The velocity fields were plotted and there was analyzed the material density change in the deformed zone. It was shown that on the pre-limit stage of deformation the regular zones of material compacting and loosing are formed. As the loading increases the loosing zones are increased and combined in determined directions along which the localized lines will be formed in future.
In the framework of experimental modeling of rock deformation in the crack zone there was carried out the investigation of movement of hard boundaries divided by the layer of softer material. As hard boundaries the metal plates with rough surface were used. The plates can move with respect to each other inside of granular medium. The deformation mechanism which limits the distribution of normal stress has been considered. The form and size of deformed profile of free surface appeared due to dilatation have been determined. It was obtained that the slow increase of shear deformation on active plate can lead to dynamical effects in the form of displacement jumps with partial unloading.

Abstracts file: Бобряков.docx

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